Getting things moving…

I graduated from college 4 years ago, I went through the 6 months social service so I could cover the requirements to get my papers but I wasn’t able to continue the paperwork, now that all my papers and ID’s are in order I went back to my college and explained the situation so I could get my social service validated even tho is out of the timeframe I was allowed to take to process my papers, they said they would let me know next Monday, this was over a month ago so I had lost all hope of having the chance to continue the process and yesterday morning I got a call from the guy in charge telling me the council had decided to make an exception due to my extenuating circumstances!

I am thrilled!!! Although I do not have the money they charge to process everything ($1,500 dlls) I can deliver all my papers and get everything setup just to pay the procedure! 

After 4 years of struggle I can finally move forward!!!

I feel blessed to say the least, now I have to come up with a plan to gather the cash, any ideas?