“Violence is the best response”… is it?

During the course of the weekend I was walking home with my gf and we were about to cross the street when a cab tried to outrun an Audi during the turn and almost ran us over, I got really angry so I hit his review mirror, my gf and I started yelling at the driver to pull over to settle things, he did.
Even tho I was seriously angry and upset I made a conscious effort to calm down, I realized I was not alone there and I felt there was no need to put my gf at any type of risk (not that she doesn’t know how to defend herself, she is a Muay Thai fighter) so I began telling the cab driver to understand what he had done; my gf on the other hand was still ready to go at him.
I dialogued with him and explained why I hit his review mirror, how we felt aggravated and vulnerable because he made an irresponsible move and did not consider the fact that he put us at risk, after he denied everything and stated he was driving properly and after all the insults he took from my gf he finally agreed he should not have done it and actually apologized sincerely.
My gf was still pumping adrenaline so I had to ask her to step aside and then I talked to her and told her she needed to stop being so reactive since this could be actually dangerous for her, her explosive character has put her in difficult situations before so I told her she didn’t have to jump into things fist waving in order to make her point, she wasn’t all that happy about it but I think at the end she understood where I was coming from.
This is the first time I actually make that conscious effort to stop myself and think before I act, I wasn’t angry anymore, I was attempting to have a civilized conversation for the guy to understand he had done something wrong and put two lives at risk because of it, I wasn’t trying to preach and I was certainly not trying to get into a fist fight (had it come to that I would have reacted tho) I was simply asking him to own up to his actions and I found myself being able to do so just by speaking my mind.
I am not naive, I know not every conflict can be solved this peacefully, I am aware that there are times where engaging physically will be necessary but I was able to understand that I am definitely in control of the outcome as long as I am in control of my reactions.