Lack of commitment

Ok so this could be considered a little rant.

I can’t stand people who can’t commit, doesn’t matter in which area of their lives, I just can’t, let me explain myself:

I used to be one of those people, i couldn’t even commit to finish high school so it actually took me 4 years longer than it should have, at the time I switched and started at a new high school I was going to therapy because I suffered depression and it turns out my therapist was a piece of shit.

I had come out as a lesbian because I never thought my mom would even grasp the concept of me being trans and thought I had no way to actually transition so this was one of the other reasons she took me to therapy, she thought she could just “psych the gay out” or something so we had separate sessions, this guy would tell me my mom was to blame for my homosexuality and he would tell her I would never finish anything in my life, when he said that to me I told my mom I did not wish to continue going to this prick for advice I don’t think he was qualified for any type of consultation and then she told me what he said to her and… I had never been more offended so perhaps I should thank him because that was definitely the little push I needed to prove everybody wrong.

Now, since I was able to commit after 18 years of just being pretty much a spoiled brat I find it impossible to understand people who state things like: “I am signing up for this gym because I want to get fit, you’ll see” and after a few weeks (if any) you see their posts of junk food and beer and parties, etc. don’t get me wrong I am must definitely not judging their lifestyle , that’s none of my business, what I have a problem with is statement of commitment  and the fact that they will post some shit like that a few months later and then bunch of bad nutritional choices and then posts wondering how the hell they don’t lose weight or build muscle and then again motivational bs and then again… you get my point?


I find lack of consistency disturbing because it speaks a lot of a person, i don’t just mean based on activities as going to the gym irregularly and expect results but on setting appointments and showing up late or not at all, not long ago I was supposed to start working with a new customer, she contacted me and explained she wanted to get her body back since she had been focusing of taking care of her two kids and recently she had felt the need to feel beautiful and fit again, I said “no problem, we can work on your fitness and we will get you there”, first time we were supposed to meet she rescheduled one day before, ok, I understand unexpected situations happen, next time she rescheduled again hours before because her youngest was sick and she had to take care of him and take him to the doctor, I understand that being a parent comes with al sorts of hoops to jump so we set a new date to start her training… she simply did not show up, not a call, not a text, nothing, waited for 30 minutes, she never contacted me again, but she still has me as friend in Facebook and likes the pictures of my training company on instagram, see where I’m getting at? SHE contacted ME, not the other way around, what is wrong with people?

We’ve got to start owning up to our actions and realizing how they reflect on us, in a good or bad way, our actions are a reflection of who we are and if we are unable to commit for the simplest of life what does that really say about us?