Is it possible to admire some traits of an awful person?

So… I went to bed yesterday thinking about this because here’s the thing, my girlfriend’s ex is an ass, I believe it is normal for current boyfriends / girlfriends not to like the one that preceded us but I mean… this guy really… I will go into detail on a different post the point is there is not much to look up to in him but unbelievably I have felt inspired by him.

I mean clearly he is an excellent “how not to” poster man but there are some things that make me think: “oh…I wish I would dare to do that” like leaving his country just because, leaving the city he had been in for 10 years and move, not being afraid of trying new things, have the confidence to think so high of himself, among few others; I am not, of course, taking into consideration his motivations or any other factor and it gets me thinking because I can’t say I envy him but I sure envy his fearless attitude towards many different situations.

When I say he inspired me I really mean it, the more I learned about how crappy he was (and still is) yet everything seemed to be working out for him I felt more and more entitled to go after what I have always wanted, I’ll elaborate a bit on this matter:

This guy took a one day course on “how to be a personal trainer”, he took a test, he cheated, somebody gave him the answers but he told everybody he was the shit!, then he continued with an even weirder harder to believe story about how ADIDAS sponsored him and after finishing his work at the gym he would go to an ADIDAS facility to train… not a single ADIDAS piece of merchandise wore and definitely not a single ADIDAS facility in town; he told ME he studied design when I offered to help with the gym’s logo (I am a graphic designer), he started manufacturing Muay Thai shorts and a few other things and ended up stealing the money from the customers and not sending them anything…you get the picture by now.

You must be wondering.. how did this guy inspired you?!, well…Once I got over my only “natural” animosity towards him I took my time to try to identify why did I feel so antagonized by this character and here’s the kicker, a lot of the things he did, tho wrongly done, are things I wanted to do, for example: becoming a trainer, start a clothing line, start a Crossfit career by taking the Level 1 seminar, etc.

So once I left all this mutual hostility aside I simply started focusing on getting things done for myself: got my brand registered, got my first pieces of clothing out and sold, got certified as functional Trainer,  passed my Crossfit Level 1 seminar, I’m currently working on setting up the website for my brand along with my personal training services, I got top surgery, etc.

I wholeheartedly believe that this piece of shit really motivated me to do all this and that his terrible example guided my steps so I wouldn’t commit the same mistakes so this is why, in my experience, it’s possible to admire and use as guideline certain traits of an otherwise disgusting human being, what do you think?